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Glow sticks and glow necklaces are the party favors kids love to wear. Fun for Halloween trick-or-treating, night games in the park or camping ground. these glow in the dark favors work without batteries, and safe, non-toxic reaction inside.



I purchased these for our elementary school as prizes for March is Reading month. I was worried when I took the first 25 or so from the tube and found one of the sticks empty. However, we used about 160 of them and only found one more empty bracelet. The kids were thrilled with the prize and many couldn't resist "cracking" them to activate them even though it was the middle of the day. They attached well with the little plastic connectors that were included. Easy prize to distribute.



Purchased for my daughters wedding coming up the end of May... these will surely add some fun!

Jen Premo


We loved these! My daughter had a glow in the dark swim party and we used these glow sticks. The girls loved them. The colors were bright and lasted all night. It came with enough plastic links to hook the glow sticks together to make bracelets, necklaces, halos etc. We ended up only using 100. They come in 2 tubes with 100 glow sticks in each tube. This product did not disappoint. I totally recommended them to several friends already.



This Halloween we put out a teal pumpkin and these were one of the "Non-allergy" things the kids could get. In the end we decided to just hand them out to everyone because there were sadly not many kids this year. As kids walked away I could here the kids and parents saying how cool they were and had to have them on right then! Also used to keep an eye out for our oldest midget as she went house to house. The tube they came in was very durable and held the tubes/clasps snugly, none were broken. The clasps were easy to use and could be daisy chained to make necklaces. The bracelets were very bright and the glow actually went through the whole tube and not just part of it like other brands we have bought before. Would gladly buy again!!!

Ryan W.



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Glow sticks aren’t only just for wearing as bracelets! but also make some pretty incredible crafts, some amazing activities or use to create awesome party decorations!

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Glow sticks aren’t just for wearing as bracelets! You can also make some pretty incredible crafts, put together some amazing activities or use them to create awesome party decorations! These glow stick ideas are SO MUCH FUN! I’m not sure what it is about glow sticks, but they can make every day items and activities super cool… super cool AND glow in the dark! (We all know that things are much more fun when they glow in the dark.)

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